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4 Ways Movie Lovers Can Use Multiroom Audio Sound Systems

One of the main features of a smart home setup is the ability to enjoy a plethora of audio in any room you’re in. Smart home audio systems work in a number of ways and provide you with zoned areas and audio access in every room of the home. If you love movies, then you can find multiple ways to take advantage of smart audio systems and use them on a daily basis.

Check out some ways a smart audio system can provide audio related directly to movies and play clear audio throughout each room of your home.

1. Movie Scores

Movie scores use instruments and electronic sounds to set the emotions and pace of a film. Use movie scores to evoke the same emotions as you complete everyday tasks in your home. As you cook and do chores, listen to scores from your favorite movies. For example, you could chop up vegetables to an action-based movie soundtrack.

The music you listen to could go from room to room with a smart home system. The system connects to your personal music libraries or streaming music services. Some smart speakers also include voice controls. When you’re in the mood for a different score, use your voice to change songs and soundtracks.

The hands-free voice control is easy to use, especially if you are in the middle of household tasks like cooking or folding laundry.

2. Zoned Movie Soundtracks

With smart home speakers, you can play music throughout the whole house or choose zoned areas. If you have children in the home, then your kids may love playing their favorite animated musical songs over and over again. You can zone their music specifically to areas like a playroom or their bedroom.

Enjoy your own movie soundtracks while your kids get to listen to theirs. Smart speakers can control volume levels and ensure one music is not heard over another. In certain areas, you have the option to set up specific playlists or parental controls so younger children are not listening to tracks they’re not supposed to.

3. Movie Podcasts

A smart audio system can also connect to podcast streaming services. A podcast offers a fun opportunity to listen to content about your favorite movies, actors, and genres. Set up speakers in relaxing areas to enjoy the podcast. For example, you could listen to a podcast while you take a shower or enjoy a bath.

Extend speaker installations to areas like a patio or garage to play podcast episodes. The episodes play while you complete tasks or enjoy the outdoors. During a smart home setup, experts can ensure your home network is strong enough to extend to different areas.

4. Streaming Movie Audio

For some of your favorite movies, you may just enjoy listening to the whole movie while you complete tasks around the house. Stream movie audio with multiple methods. You could play the movie on a device and feed the audio through speakers. You can also find audio downloads of the movie’s audio.

Smart speakers can connect to streaming movie services and play the audio through any speakers you choose. If you want to switch to the video, then you can send the feed to a television soundbar and watch the content. Voice controls allow you to switch back and forth easily. Smart remotes can also connect to multiple devices like speakers and televisions.

For more information on smart home speakers, contact us at Quinte Smart Homes. We can help you set up your smart home from start to finish. Along with movie-based audio, you can play all kinds of music and audio content. The smart home will cater to your needs, including stand-alone audio options or connections through smart devices like phones.