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Kita Beauty Lounge

Once Upon a Child Belleville

Project Details

At a Glance

Owners Kate and Chris opened a Once Upon a Child store in Belleville and partnered with Quinte Smart Homes to enhance the shopping experience with improved lighting and security measures, making it a preferred destination for parents seeking affordable and sustainable children's clothing.

Behind the scenes of Quinte Smart Homes staff installing security sensors in Kita Beauty Lounge.

Project Details


It's no secret that Kita Beauty Lounge sets the standard for providing its clients with the best spa experience.


From their hair salon and holistic and medical spa services in downtown Belleville, they exceed every client's expectations when they walk through the door. That's why we were delighted to work with them to design and install the lighting, audio and smart security system in the lounge. Just like they're the one-stop shop for all beauty needs, Quinte Smart Homes is a one-stop shop for smart home and business tools.

Quinte Smart Home Solutions

Thoughtful Aesthetic

The Kita Beauty Lounge is constructed with older but beautiful features like high ceilings, exposed brick and wooden flooring. They blended the historical architecture with a modern and chic aesthetic through several renovations. 

Lutron keypads can open and dim lights while also playing music at the same time with a touch of a button. To keep it looking clean, we also installed wall keypads to avoid "wall acne" (too many light switches), so one click can activate a scene.

Setting the Mood Beyond Visuals

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And sometimes, beauty isn't seen but heard. Sonos speakers were conveniently distributed throughout the building, so clients have upbeat music when they walk through the main floor. Sonos speakers' beauty is heard in the detail and rich bass, treble and volume that's perfect for any room. The speakers can also be found where clients relax while getting manicures, facials and massages, ensuring a calm, peaceful, authentic spa experience.


Now let's talk safety. In addition to being on the cusp of the Moira river and downtown Belleville, Kita Beauty Lounge has an impressive large storefront window that showcases its luxury products while offering natural light. However, it can be an open target for threatening behaviours.

Another security company installed a panel with the building's previous owners. To ensure a stronger connection, Justin fished a low-voltage power cable down the wall to ensure it can reach the new ClareOne panel.

In just over an hour, Quinte Smart Homes installed a ClareOne package with heat and motion sensors, door sensors and a wireless security operating system throughout the building. The products have encrypted sensors that prevent unwanted alarm take-overs and provide secure alarm signalling. It ensures if a rock is thrown through a window, someone breaks in, or any disturbance occurs, the owners are immediately notified.

Small and discreet, sensors are perfect to complete a whole-business security system beyond a camera. They blend with the walls and doors to not distract from the room's design.

The recessed door magnetic sensor is designed to fit seamlessly inside a frame or windowsill and is resistant to magnetic tamper and defeat. A high–powered Microchip delivers exceptional range - no "dead spots" or signal drop-offs.


*All security product locations are not shown in this overview to protect the virtue of a proactive security system.

Discover Kita Beauty Lounge in Belleville

With the bright and safe store, Kita Beauty Lounge is set to welcome the community to relax and unwind. We encourage you to visit them at learn more about their process and hours and connect with Once Upon a Child Belleville on their Facebook, Instagram channels.

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