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Once Upon a Child Belleville

Project Details

At a Glance

Owners Kate and Chris opened a Once Upon a Child store in Belleville and partnered with Quinte Smart Homes to enhance the shopping experience with improved lighting and security measures, making it a preferred destination for parents seeking affordable and sustainable children's clothing.

Behind the scenes of Quinte Smart Homes staff installing security cameras in Once Upon a Child in Belleville.

Project Details


The Belleville region has its unique charm and appeal. However, it can be challenging to source a diverse range of affordable and high-quality clothes without travelling to larger cities like Toronto. The challenge is even more significant when shopping for baby and children's attire.


As parents who also once lived in Toronto, Kate and Chris saw and observed this retail gap in the local community. They embarked on a mission to address the growing demand for other parents by building their own Once Upon a Child store, conveniently located in one of the primary plazas along Front Street in Belleville.

Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child buys and sells high-quality, gently used kids apparel, shoes, toys, equipment and more. It's the perfect place to shop if you want to live sustainably, save money and find designer clothes.

Quinte Smart Home Solutions

The collaboration between the owners of Once Upon a Child and Quinte Smart Homes was to help make the store bright, welcoming and safe.

Commercial Security Systems

We installed a security camera system to ensure the safety of customers, staff and merchandise. Quinte Smart Homes collaborated closely with the owners to position security cameras for comprehensive CCTV coverage. We installed wide-angle cameras in pendant-mount style to cover corners and hard-to-see areas throughout the aisles. These cameras offer a 360° continuous pan rotation and can also zoom in 15x for detailed views. Additionally, cameras were placed in the storage room and front entrance, ensuring the owners had complete views of their business through their video management systems via monitors.


Besides simply recording any crime, unobstructed camera views deter theft, mitigate the property from liability and help monitor sales transactions, ensuring overall safety and security for everyone.

Retail Lighting

Rather than rely on the property's original dim lighting, Quinte Smart Homes (partnered with sister company Davidson Electrical Services) installed bright LED lighting fixtures that improved the in-store ambiance and significantly reduced energy consumption.


Although the shelving units still needed to be installed, we added lighting to illuminate every aisle based on the floor layout. Retail light plays a significant role in the overall shopping experience. The proper lighting helps customers move around the store comfortably, find what they're looking for and read labels and price tags without strain. Retail light attracts customers and increases foot traffic because the open, bright light makes the property inviting and follows the Once Upon a Child brand.

Once Upon a Child Belleville Photos

Discover Once Upon a Child in Belleville

With the bright and safe store, Once Upon a Child is ready to welcome the community to find hidden gems for their children!


We encourage you to visit Once Upon a Child and their friendly staff, to learn more about their process and hours and connect with Once Upon a Child Belleville on their Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels.

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