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Whole Home Audio

Hearing is Believing

Experience clear cinematic sound and set the mood when you entertain, relax in the bath, or cook in the kitchen with whole-home audio.

Depending on your preferences and the design of your space, we can design a home or commercial property with wired and wireless audio that is controlled through your phone, remote, wall panel or your voice.

Bulletproof Quality

Quinte Smart Homes exclusively partners with top-tier brands, renowned for their unrivaled quality, surpassing anything you’ll find in ordinary box stores. We have access to a variety of products including speakers, amplifiers, extenders/receivers, subwoofers and sound bars. Don’t see a preferred brand? Ask us!

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Sensory Symphony

Where would you place your audio?

Redefine your favourite spaces. From Dolby Atomos home theatres, electric gaming rooms, outdoor patios and garage workstations, you will hear the difference with our audio design and installation.


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We're partnered with Finance It to help you invest in your property with home automation. Get up to six months of no payments and interest on approved credit and remove barriers to professionally upgrade your home.

Whole-Home Audio Inspiration

Beyond the Speaker

Whole-home audio allows you to simultaneously play audio in multiple rooms or areas of a building. You can control audio to different zones within your home or commercial space, creating a cohesive audio experience that can be customized.

Entertaining Guests

When hosting parties or gatherings at home, your whole-home audio system can provide background music that flows from room to room. Guests will enjoy a consistent and immersive audio atmosphere at a sophisticated dinner party or a casual backyard barbecue.

Cooking and Dining

Cooking becomes more enjoyable when you can listen to your favourite playlist or follow along with a podcast. Continue listening to your chosen audio as you move from the pantry, kitchen and dining area.

Background Ambiance

Create that perfect ambiance for relaxation by playing calming nature sounds or soothing instrumental music throughout your home.

Morning Routine

Wake up to your favourite music or news broadcast playing softly in your bedroom, and as you move through your house getting ready for the day, the audio transitions to the bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Multi-Room Listening

When family members have different music preferences, everyone can listen to their chosen tunes in their own spaces. One person can enjoy jazz in the living room, while another listens to pop in the bedroom while maintaining audio continuity.

Smart Home Integration

Combine your whole-home audio system with your smart home setup to control the audio using voice commands. For instance, you could tell your virtual assistant to "play music everywhere" or "turn off the music in the living room."

Family Movie Nights

Transform your living room into a home theatre experience by syncing audio throughout the house. Whether watching a blockbuster movie or streaming a new series, the immersive sound will make your movie nights unforgettable.

Home Workouts

Whether you're doing yoga, cardio or lifting weights, a whole-home audio system provides motivational music that follows you from room to room, keeping your energy up during your workout routine.

Professional Settings

In commercial environments like restaurants, cafes or retail stores, a whole-home audio system can create a consistent customer experience as they move around the space. It sets the perfect mood and enhances branding.

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