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Smart Home Security

Home Security Systems

It’s time to expect more from your home security systems —whether at home or away. More than an alarm systems company, we connect the entire home. Fully-integrated, not siloed. One app, not several.

Stay in control with the press of a button and keep an eye on the house with a security system with smart locks, sensors, cameras, garage door controls, and much more.

Affordable, frustration-free, and professionally installed. For any lifestyle and budget. We serve clients in Quinte West, Prince Edward County, Belleville, Kingston and beyond.

A man watching his home security system
Security panels for the wall, on the tablet and mobile device.

Convenience at your fingertips

With alerts tailor-made for each system, you’ll know if it’s urgent—such as movement detected near the back door or a water leak in the basement. Or simply check in on things at home, from across the street or across the globe.

One connected security system

We have the products to control virtually anything in your home with a Control4 or ClareOne security system. It makes living and interacting with devices easy for the whole family.

A photo of a screen showing several selections the owner can make. The options are to select the camera, a door camera and to lock the front door.

Bulletproof Quality

Quinte Smart Homes exclusively partners with top-tier brands, renowned for their unrivaled quality, surpassing anything you’ll find in ordinary box stores. We have access to a variety of products including commercial cameras, sensors and security automation. Don’t see a preferred brand? Ask us!

Smart Home Protection

Is your home or business safe?

Don't just record crime. Prevent it. Combine products for a safer smart home and stay off the target list of dangerous home invaders.

Chime Video Doorbell

With two-way audio, know who's knocking with a 180° view. Five customizable motion zones ensure you won't be flooded with notifications from someone riding by your house on a bike. When Chime senses specific movement, it can begin recording, activate exterior lights, and ensure all doors are locked.

Security Cameras

Deter criminal behaviour or mischief with visible cameras. Choose your camera and get high-definition and commercial-quality videos on touch screens, smartphones, and televisions. Watch live video feeds and review recordings to monitor your home, office or commercial business anytime from anywhere in the world.

Smart Locks and Access Control

The door station delivers a clear audio and video intercom, enabling you to monitor and communicate with people outside. Protect data and valuables, manage employee and guest access, simplify unattended deliveries, and manage unique user codes for guests from anywhere with smart door locks. And if the power goes out, battery-backup options give you peace of mind.

Water Leak Sensors

Stop water leaks before it causes damage. The ClareOne Water Detector detects the presence of water (as little as 1/32" of water) and notifies you. This device is great for installing under sinks, near washing machines or hot water tanks.

Motion Sensors

We'll help you find a sensor designed to fit seamlessly in your home for walls, ceilings, glass and doors. Wireless, high range, long battery life and some with radiant heat detection allows sensors to detect motion and remain immune to pets up to 80lbs.

Window Sensors

The ClareOne Glass Break Detector is a ceiling or wall mount sensor that detects and communicates the sound of breaking glass. The detector provides a maximum detection range and can sense sound in a 360º pattern up to 20' from the detector.

Temperature Detectors

Wired and wireless temperature sensors can detect both high and low temperatures to catch early signs of danger zones for frozen pipes, fire, or irregular temperature fluctuations. When triggered, the sensor transmits an alert to the ClareOne panel if the temperature threshold is exceeded.

Outdoor Gate Sensors

A magnetic sensor device designed to fit seamlessly alongside an outside door and withstand extreme environmental conditions from -35.55°C to 48.88°C. When the gate or door is opened, the magnetic contact is disrupted, and the sensor transmits an alarm notification to the ClareOne Panel.

Garage Door Sensors

Protect your cars, bikes and fun toys with garage door sensors and never forget to close the door at night. Wired and wireless garage door sensors allow you to remotely open or close almost any automatic garage door. Pair it with home lighting scenes based on open/close status changes.

Safety is Priceless

We're partnered with Finance It to help you invest in your property with home automation. Get up to six months of no payments and interest on approved credit and remove barriers to professionally protect your home.

Emergency Security

Indoor Sirens

Indoor sirens extend the audible security alarm tone to additional areas of the home. The siren supports Z-Wave plus and features unique visual alerts on the main smart home panel.

Personal Support

Wireless hand-held device that can be used as a portable panic button or life-safety device. The keyfob features powerful, exceptional range and has a long-lasting battery. When pressed, it sends a panic alert to the ClareOne Panel.*

Smoke and Heat

When the photoelectric (optical) sensor detects the presence of smoke, it sounds the alarm and then wirelessly transmits the information to the ClareOne Panel to further signal an alert.

Smart Home Security Automation


Control your home based on your GPS location. Close the garage door, turn lights off and lock the door when you leave the controlled area.

Automated Lights

Program lights to turn on and off so your home appears to be occupied. Set lights to automatically come on at dusk so you’ll never have to approach a dark house again.

Automated Shades

Security with beautiful design. Receive cordless, battery-powered shading that last up to 5 years. Open and close the shades to simulate home occupancy.

Make Your Home a Quinte Smart Home

Create a fully connected and secure home with a comprehensive design and installation. Experience the ultimate convenience and control of a smart home security system.

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