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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

A smart home is more than a Nest thermostat to change the temperature or use a cell phone to turn on lights. It is an orchestra of advanced technology designed and installed to accommodate your wants, needs and behaviours automatically. It is a puzzle of individual pieces put together to create a picture. It is multi-technology rooms that speak to each other and are integrated to make a house into a home.

All Connected. Not Siloed.

Imagine it. You are sitting in bed reading. You decide to go to sleep. You click the button on your phone that says “bedtime.” Within seconds, the shades close, lights turn off, doors are locked, the alarm is activated, and the temperature is turned down. All without having to get up and leave your bed. You are the conductor in an orchestra using your phone, voice, universal remote or keypad. All smart technology is connected in one interface rather than several different apps.

Unlock the Potential of Smart Homes

A smart home can offer many fun things when properly installed. With automated lights and shades, you can control how bright your home is at any time of day and even change it per season. Similarly, quick-access climate controls allow you to keep your home comfortable and can also be automated by the time of day and season.

On a larger scale, smart homes can offer multi-room audio so that you can hear your favourite music, radio, or podcasts from every room in your home. Smart home automation is also extremely fun to have in a home theatre. Your voice and smartphone can also configure lights, temperature, and sounds.

Make Your Home a Quinte Smart Home

Create a fully connected and automated home with a comprehensive whole-home automation installation. From lighting and climate control to security and entertainment, experience the ultimate convenience and control.