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What is Whole-Home Audio?

What is Whole-Home Audio?

Have you ever wanted to play music in every room of your home? No more carrying speakers around! Whole-home audio makes it happen.

Whole-home audio, also known as multi-room audio, goes beyond a speaker in a room.

It is the ability to divide the property into dedicated audio zones and link them to one audio hub, typically an amplifier.

Depending on your needs, an amplifier is essential for powering and controlling the audio signals sent to wired speakers in different zones around the property, like in-ceiling or outdoor speakers.

With whole-home audio, you’re in control. You can cherry-pick the zones where you want your music to play and control each zone’s volume, source and content.

Whole-Home Audio Magic

Whole-home audio is even better with our programming.

We can set scenes or presets, such as “morning routine” or “party mode,” that simultaneously manage the audio in multiple zones with a single command—transition from your garage with upbeat music to your bathroom with soft tunes to relax you. Or extend the audio from the kitchen to the outdoor deck patio when entertaining guests.

Whole-home audio isn’t just about sound; it’s about crafting the perfect atmosphere and experience for every moment in your home.

Design Your Sound System

To start your smart home design and installation and explore our range of audio products, feel free to contact us with your project details!

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